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J.Mac - The Wake Up Call EP

by J.MAC

$10.00 / Sold Out

Rawthentic Records Presents – “ The Wake Up Call” the debut solo EP from J.Mac of The Aphilliates.
Available @ Independent record stores & online via soulclap.com & iTunes from October 5th.

Long overdue but well worth the wait, up & coming Melbourne MC – J-Mac has been honing his craft for years, whether it be onstage with Tranquil Artillery & The Aphilliates or on the street in any cipher he steps to, the man loves to rap! And its evident on his first solo offering – “The Wake Up Call”.
A 7 track EP recorded by Must Volkoff, featuring producto from Must Volkoff himself, Trem One, Vince Van Go, Engineer & cuts from Secondhand DJ’s – Rellik & Meta4.

J.Mac displays a sharp style combined with witty punchlines and effortless flow, flexing from braggadocio to storytelling wit ease.
With guest spots from Rawthentic’s M-CEO - P.Link & the Electronic Mailer, Pang Productions own - 1/6, ‘The Wake Up Call’ as it suggests is not to be slept on.